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US IT Recreuitment Online Training
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  • 45 Students
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US IT Recruitment

The IT staffing process is defined as a systematic implementation of the human resources plan that includes candidate identification, evaluation, selection, recruiting, and appraisal. The major goal of the IT staffing process is to locate qualified applicants to fill various job responsibilities in the IT organisation. IT recruiters are in responsible of creating and implementing a talent pipeline that will be utilised to find a vast pool of talent. They provide firms with the necessary confidence to recruit people who are knowledgeable and equipped to manage their technology requirements.

In large IT firms, one of the most important HR tasks is IT staffing. It entails the process of identifying, employing, and managing qualified individuals for various employment roles inside the firm. The recruiting process necessitates substantial investigation, thus the UR IT recruiter must be familiar with methodological techniques to finding the best applicants. You must be capable of independent thinking as well as time management.

The capacity to swiftly appraise a candidate's aptitude for a job based on personality and abilities.

The capacity to manage several clients at once and perform under pressure, Ability to effectively interact with both clients and applicants

If you are thinking of joining the US It staffing industry, then RAM training provides the US IT recruitment training program with placement assist. Making a resource highly experienced in communications, consultation, selection, and headhunting is a primary priority in order to assist thrive in candidate sourcing, recruitment, and headhunting. Furthermore, we foster and provide the greatest prospective talent under the supervision of a highly experienced and efficient staff that has been there and done that. We provide training in a variety of formats to help us produce excellent staffing results, enhance staffing strategies, recruiting procedures, and client relationships.

US IT Recruitment Course Curriculum
  • 1. Get Started
    • 1.1 Recruiting Fundamentals
    • 1.2 Full-Time vs. Consultants and Contractors
    • 1.3 Examine the Job Requirements
    • 1.4 Not a linear equation
  • 2. Identifying Potential Candidates
    • 2.1 Choosing the Best Candidate
    • 2.2 Job Search Websites
    • 2.3 Make use of social media
    • 2.4 Management of Vendors
    • 2.5 Passive Recruiting
  • 3. Selecting the Appropriate Candidate
    • 3.1 How to Organize Your Résumé
    • 3.2 Candidate Assessment
    • 3.3 Conducting a Phone Interview
    • 3.4 Background and reference checks
    • 3.5 Candidate Evaluation
  • 4. Odds and Ends
    • 4.1 Introducing the Candidate's Resume
    • 4.2 Taxes
  • 5. US IT Recruitment Overview
    • 5.1 Staffing Company Departments
    • 5.2 Roles/Functions of Different Staffing Departments
    • 5.3 US Time Zones, States, Time Zones, Locations
  • 6. End to End Recruitment Overview
    • 6.1 Job Description
    • 6.2 Analysis of Job Description
    • 6.3 Sourcing
    • 6.4 Screening
    • 6.5 Interviewing
    • 6.6 Assessing
    • 6.7 Reference Check
    • 6.8 Shortlisting
    • 6.9 Client Submission
    • 6.10 Scheduling Client Interview
    • 6.11 Selection
    • 6.12 Onboarding
    • 6.13 Maintaining Relationship
    • 6.14 Software Applications/Titles to be known from Recruitment Perspective
  • 7. US End to End Recruitment Overview
    • 7.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 7.2 SSN, Driving License
    • 7.3 Salary Structure in US
    • 7.4 Benefits Overview
    • 7.5 Relocation
    • 7.6 Cost Of Living
    • 7.7 What Does Expense Cover For a Candidate?
  • 8. US Employment Visas Overview
    • 8.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 8.2 H1B Cap, H1B Transfer,L1,L2,OPT,CPT
    • 8.3 GC, EAD Permit
  • 9. US Tax Terms (W2,1099,Corp 2 Corp)
    • 9.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 9.2 Permanent Hiring & Contract Hiring
    • 9.3 W2 Full Time, Hourly, Percentage
    • 9.4 1099
    • 9.5 Corp 2 Corp
    • 9.6 Benefits
    • 9.7 Per Diem
  • 10. Job Description Analysis
    • 10.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 10.2 Project Description: Analysis
    • 10.3 Requirement Analysis
    • 10.4 Brief Explanation of Different IT Requirements
  • 11. Sourcing Resumes
    • 11.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 11.2 How to Source Resumes From(Job Boards, Social Networking, Search Engines, Groups, Head Hunting, Referrals, Databases, etc)
  • 12. Preliminary Screening
    • 12.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 12.2 How to do Pre-Screening (Personal, Education, Technical, and Negotiation)
    • 12.3 Details get from Job Seeker
    • 12.4 Reference Check
    • 12.5 Shortlisting
    • 12.6 Submission to the Client
    • 12.7 Follow up with the client and candidate
    • 12.8 Scheduling Interview
    • 12.9 Selection
    • 12.10 Tracking
  • 13. Contracts, Forms, Documents Overview Required after the Closure
    • 13.1 US IT Recruitment Training Doubt Clarification
    • 13.2 Contracts Overview
    • 13.3 Forms Overview
    • 13.4 Documents Overview

There is no doubt in this. With the development of the industries, the job demand is also increasing. Choosing the right candidate for the right job is a great role to play by the US IT recruiter. Hence it is very essential to have IT recruiters for every company. The average annual income for a US IT recruiter is $2,95,371. Individual pay levels may differ depending on educational background, skill level, experience, employers, and locations; nonetheless, this is merely the average base wage. Hence you can understand it is quite a well paying job and is a good career option too.

You can connect with your US IT Recruitment consultant through different desktop sharing mediums including Zoom.Us, Skype, Google Meet, Webex, Microsoft Teams,, Teamviewer, GoToMeeting and Netmeeting.

Our US IT Recruitment experts have 5+ years of experience in the field and a proven track record of completing hundreds of training sessions.

Our consultants will detail the concepts required to excel in US IT Recruitment with several applications varying from one person to another, customized to suit the particular user requirements within the budget.

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