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SAS Online Training
  • 30-40 hours
  • 45 Students
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SAS (Base+Advanced) Online Training

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a comprehensive data management, analysis, and reporting software package. SAS is a crucial tool in the healthcare and financial industries for clinical trials, data management, financial modelling, and risk management. You will obtain a thorough grasp of SAS programming and its applications in these specialised sectors by enrolling in an SAS online training session at RAM Training. You'll learn how to handle and analyse huge data sets, design programmes to automate data processing, and create reports to share results with stakeholders.

The SAS certification course online is a professional certificate that confirms one's knowledge of SAS software, which is extensively used in the data analysis sector. The certification covers fundamental topics such as data management, data analysis, and report authoring. SAS software is utilised in many fields, including business intelligence, predictive analytics, and data management, making this certification useful in a variety of sectors, including banking, healthcare, and information technology. Professionals may demonstrate their expertise in manipulating and processing data, merging SAS data sets, and preparing basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures with this certification.

SAS is the industry leader in analytics, from data science to artificial intelligence and machine learning. SAS workers are in high demand; job sites feature over 15,000 occupations that need SAS expertise. Top recruiters for professionals with Introduction to the SAS System credentials include Accenture, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citi, and Bank of America.

We'll work with you to create the best learning solution for you. SAS may be learned fast without a substantial cost or time investment. It teaches pupils how to handle data, perform basic statistical processes, visualise data, and write reports. Among other things, students learn about SAS syntaxes, changing data sets, merging SAS data sets, constructing detail and summary reports, and maintaining SAS libraries. This course provides a good foundation for students who want to use SAS software to analyse SAS data or create statistical models. SAS clinical and SAS finance specialists have a bright future since SAS programming abilities are in great demand in both areas. Furthermore, as data science and big data analytics become more popular, there is a greater demand for SAS workers that can work with massive and complicated data sets. SAS personnel with machine learning and artificial intelligence knowledge are in great demand in these businesses.

At Ram Training, our certified SAS teachers have years of industry expertise, guaranteeing that you receive high-quality training based on real-world settings. Our teachers are dedicated to your success and are always accessible to answer your questions and address your concerns. We recognise that our students' demands and schedules vary. That is why we provide flexible learning alternatives such as self-paced online courses, live instructor-led sessions, and weekend batches, allowing you to select the optimal learning format for you.

Our online learning platform encourages engagement and collaboration by allowing you to connect in real time with your teachers and fellow students.

SAS (Base+Advanced) Course Curriculum
  • 1. Getting started with SSAS
  • 2. Structures and Processes
  • 3. Type of Database Relationship
  • 4. SSAS Cube
  • 5. Cube: Operations & Limitations
  • 6. Cube and In-memory Analytics
  • 7. Data Source View
  • 8. Dimensions
  • 9. Measures & Features of Cube
  • 10. Measures and Features of Cube Cont.
  • 11. Working with MDX
  • 12. Functions of MDX
  • 13. BI Semantic Model
  • 14. Plan and deploy SSAS

We provide SAS training with experts having years of experience in both SAS development and support and have successfully handled hundreds of implementation projects

You can connect through any desktop sharing mediums such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom.Us, Skype, Google Meet, Webex,, Teamviewer, GoToMeeting, Netmeeting, etc.

Our SAS instructors from India are available throughout the day. You can fix your timings based on your convenience.

We offer online SAS job support in the following plans:

  • Monthly Support Plan
  • Weekly Support Plan
  • Daily Support Plan
  • Hourly Support Plan
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I am a working professional and wanted to acquire more knowledge to solve work-related issues in SAS. I searched so many institutes and later found Ram training. It is a great learning experience with expert instructors.

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Excellent online training institute for working professionals and students to gain in-depth knowledge of SAS concepts.

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The instructor was a master of all the SAS concepts. Great to associate with the team.