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Sailpoint Online Training
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Sailpoint Online Training

SailPoint is a prominent supplier of identity and access management (IAM) solutions, which assist organisations in controlling user identities as well as access to applications and data. Over 500 of the world's leading organisations rely on SailPoint to protect their contemporary company from cyber attacks. It is the ideal solution for managing identities and access in big and complex organisations, providing more control, visibility, and security over individuals and their access privileges. SailPoint may also be used as an identity management platform for providing and de-provisioning mobile device users, as well as for periodic certifications. It will assist organisations in reducing identity risk and identifying risk indicators. Learn Sailpoint from RAM Training and get a 1-on-1 session with one of our skilled trainers at a time and date that works for you. We are the best Sailpoint training institute in Hyderabad.

Because of its clear user interface, numerous configuration options, and comprehensive APIs, SailPoint IdentityIQ d is ideally positioned to satisfy the expanding demands of organisations in the fast-changing business world. SailPoint will remain a key solution for handling these critical operations as the firm encounters new and developing identification and access concerns. By exploiting its complete capabilities and APIs, businesses can get better control, visibility, and security over their identities and access while enhancing their entire business processes. As a result, more and more businesses are using this software, generating a high need for personnel with sailpoint experience. When you have the Sailpoint course in Hyderabad, surely you will be opening up new paths for your career to turn into a best option. The typical yearly income for a Sailpoint professional is between $52,272 and $115,073. Accenture, Capgemini, HCL, Dell, Wipro, Quess Corp, and a slew of other leading IT firms choose Sailpoint Identity IQ certification. Just get the Sailpoint course free demo session from RAM Trainings.

RAM training has the most affordable Sailpoint certification cost providing the LIVE/self paced classes. Students are given the scope to choose their own schedule as per convenience. Moreover our expert guidance opens up the real-time world with the strategic business approaches that allows them to deal LIVE projects. On successful completion of the sailpoint certification course, we provide job assistance in top most companies of the world. 24/7 support is provided by our administrationf or teh students doubt through teh student portal. For working professionals we have designed a different way of training through enterprise training solutions.

IAM overview and Its Key concepts- SailPoint Products

  • 1. Introduction to Workflows
  • 2. IdentityIQ Preview
  • 3. Product Architecture - Installation - Deployment
  • 4.Identity cubes
  • 5. Application Onboarding, Correlation
  • 6.Risks & Policies
  • 7. Certifications
  • 8. RBAC - ROLES
  • 9.Troubleshooting, Debug, Console
  • 10.Reporting
  • 11.Lifecycle Manager and Components
  • 12.Access Requests
  • 13.Lifecycle Events and Custom Workflow

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The Sailpoint online training from Ram trainings is really excellent, I look forward to beginning my career in it.

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I must say a great amount of information has been communicated by the instructor and helped me gain a deeper knowledge of Sailpoint unit-associated tools.

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Thank you Ram trainings for excellent Sailpoint training and job support, which are very informative and enjoyable.