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Tosca Online Training
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  • 45 Students
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Tosca Online Training

TOSCA is an acronym that stands for Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications. Tosca test suite is a corporate software testing solution that is widely used to automate the process. It offers comprehensive test case support for an effective test management procedure. Because it may be utilised in large-scale applications, Tosca is considered as an enterprise tool. It is commonly used in large-scale applications to obtain good results. Because of its user-friendliness, Tosca is used by the majority of testers in the automotive, metal & mining, finance, and education industries. Tosca discusses API and mobile testing, as well as automation and artificial intelligence strategies. Tosca is an excellent solution that provides users with no scripting options. Because scripting isn't necessary, it's no wonder that people utilise it more.

Tosca uses Agile testing because it helps with the development of both small and large-scale applications.

RAM Trainings provide Tosca training by having highly qualified Tosca trainers with over 12 years of industry experience. The course curriculum is aimed for students at the beginner and expert levels to have a deeper grasp of Tosca. We train students utilising case studies and projects to increase their teaching standards while also increasing their practical exposure to the course. We are the best TOSCA training institute in Hyderabad.

Our instructors will comprehensively assist students through the installation of Tosca, its syntax, and the creation of test cases. The TOSCA training and certification course will teach sufficient skills to aid in the continual and rigorous testing of APIs and GUIs from a business standpoint. RAM Trainings provides a Tosca training online completion certificate to our students, which may add significant value to their entire professional growth.

After being exposed to contemporary commercial use-cases and scenarios, students will be able to scale up their abilities and conduct real-time projects utilising industry standards. Using this TOSCA TestSuite, you will understand all of Tosca's fundamental concepts, including continuous integration and monitoring. Choose schedule as per your flexibility and get the right opportunity from RAM Training

Using real-world use cases and projects, our Tosca certification training course covers all of the essentials of automated testing and the Tosca TestSuite. By the end of the course, you'll be an expert at applying what you've learned in the classroom to real-world challenges. JOB assistance is provided by us after the successful completion of the certification course.

TOSCA Course Curriculum
  • 1. Introduction to Tosca
  • Introduction to Tosca
  • Support and Academy portal Overview
  • Tosca Installation and Trial license activation process
  • 2. Work with Tosca
  • Tosca Commander menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Use the Standard subset
  • Import and export objects Import
  • Get to know the project root element
  • Add or remove columns
  • Search and modify objects
  • Use the Buffer Viewer
  • Hints for workspaces
  • My Area
  • Object icons
  • Manage objects in Tosca Commander
  • Steer Tosca Commander via Command Line (TCShell.exe)
  • Working with Projects
  • 3. Table Steering
  • Automate tables Result Count
  • 4. Dynamic Dates and Expression
  • Date formatting and random expression
  • 5. Libraries
  • Reusable test step block business parameter
  • Test configuration parameter
  • 6. Loops and Condition
  • Usage of If Repetition Do and While
  • 7. Working with Modules
  • Standard Modules
  • Various methods of test object identification Parameters
  • Properties identification Control Group
  • Ways to modify existing modules with rescan module merge
  • Value range
  • Dynamic id
  • 8. Plan, Create and Execute tests
  • Create and manage Requirements
  • Work with TestCase-Design
  • Manage test data
  • Create and manage Modules
  • Create and manage TestCases
  • Execute tests
  • Create Reports
  • Plan tests with Test Planning
  • Create and link issues
  • Configure tests
  • 9. Working with Sections - Execution List & Requirement
  • Usage of Execution Section
  • Usage of Requirement section
  • 10. Multi-user environment
  • The understanding working method of a multi-user environment
  • 11.Recovery scenarios
  • Create recovery scenarios and handle fire events
  • 12. API Testing
  • Testing of web services with API scan

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