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Google Cloud Computing Online Training
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Google Cloud Platform Online Training

Cloud computing is the use of off-premises hardware and software components to provide a service to a network. Users may access files and programmes from any internet-connected device. Google Cloud Platform is a collection of cloud computing services provided by Google that run on the same infrastructure as Google's end-user applications such as YouTube, Gmail, and others. Google Cloud Platform provides a number of services. Pricing is one of the key characteristics that distinguishes Google Cloud from other cloud providers. Google Cloud offers network speeds of up to 10Tbs to Google Cloud and Google App clients. The network includes links all over the world, including the United States, Europe, significant cities in Japan, major Asian hubs, and much more.

With so much varied usability and credibility of GCP, RAM training opens up scopes for everyone to take up the Google cloud platform certification training. With revolutionary technology made in—and for—the cloud, we enable millions of individuals and organisations to empower themselves and their staff, service their customers, and build what's next for their companies. Our GCP training in Hyderabad is designed for security, dependability, and scalability, and they support the whole stack, from infrastructure to applications to devices and hardware. A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification not only helps you enhance your abilities, but it also shows your dedication to your field. Moreover The backbone of every organisation's cloud-based initiatives is its cloud engineers. On the most basic level, they ensure that an organisation's cloud services remain operational. Google's papers cover everything from using Kubernetes/containers on Google's cloud to growing and automating cloud infrastructure.

RAM training provides complete Google Cloud platform online Training in Hyderabad via live instructor-led online training or self-paced GCP videos. During the 43-hour Google Cloud Platform Course, you'll learn about the most recent and sophisticated Google Cloud Platform capabilities through 44 hands-on labs, exercises, and use-cases that will help you pass the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam and Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam. MindMajix's job-search support team assists you in Mock Interviews and learners locate a suitable position on the Google Cloud Platform when you complete this GCP course.

Ram training GCP courses ensure that participants obtain industry-relevant training and gain on-the-job skills for maintaining GCP Cloud Infrastructure. Our Google Cloud Training course strives to provide high-quality instruction that combines foundational understanding of essential ideas with a hands-on approach. Exposure to actual industrial use-cases and scenarios will assist trainees in scaling up their abilities and doing real-time projects using best practices.

Google Cloud Platform

  • Module 01-Introduction to Google Cloud
    • 1.1 Understanding the fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform
    • 1.2 The Google Global infrastructure
    • 1.3 Products for storage, computing, networking, Machine Learning, and more
    • 1.4 Availability zones
    • 1.5 Different projects running on the GCP infrastructure, including Google projects
  • Module 02 - Google Cloud Services
    • 2.1 Introduction to Google Cloud services
    • 2.2 Managing Google services using command-line tools, app, and console
    • 2.3 Installing and configuring SDK
    • 2.4 Deploying Cloud Shell for GCP environment management
    • 2.5 Deploying Gsutil
  • Module 03 - Google Computing Services
    • 3.1 Understanding Google computing services
    • 3.2 Creating and managing virtual machines in Google Cloud
    • 3.3 Launching VMs on-demand using Google Compute Engine
    • 3.4 Choosing the right computing solutions based on the workload like memory or CPU
    • 3.5 Important actions with Compute Engine
    • 3.6 Balancing the load
  • Module 04 - Google Storage Services
    • 4.1 Various storage services offered with Google Cloud
    • 4.2 The process of storing and retrieving data
    • 4.3 Rich content management
    • 4.4 Hosting a website
    • 4.5 Choosing the right storage options
    • 4.6 Integrating on-premises with the cloud storage environment
    • 4.7 Nearline and Coldline storage
    • 4.8 Cloud Datastore
    • 4.9 Managing cloud storage using Gsutil
  • Module 05 - Google Cloud APIs
    • 5.1 Deploying Google Cloud for developing applications and for debugging and monitoring purposes
    • 5.2 Choosing the right data storage for application data
    • 5.3 Automating infrastructure
    • 5.4 Managing the API
    • 5.5 Cloud source
    • 5.6 Functions and special APIs
    • 5.7 Implementing and configuring Cloud Launcher and Deployment Manager
    • 5.8 Application deployment using Cloud Engine
  • Module 06 - Google Networking Services
    • 6.1 Introduction to Google networking
    • 6.2 Setting up the Google network
    • 6.3 Connecting various Google Cloud Platform resources
    • 6.4 Isolation using firewalls and network policies
    • 6.5 Creating and managing of Virtual Private Network
    • 6.6 Working with cloud routers and interconnecting networks
  • Module 07 - IAM & Security Services
    • 7.1 Different security and identity and access management (IAM) services
    • 7.2 Various roles in IAM
    • 7.3 Creating and managing Google resources permissions
    • 7.4 IAM APIs
    • 7.5 The creation of custom roles
    • 7.6 Sharing resources and isolation
    • 7.7 Deploying penetration testing, auditing, and security controls
  • Module 08 - Migrating to Google Cloud
    • 8.1 Understanding how to migrate to Google Cloud
    • 8.2 Various criteria to be considered
    • 8.3 Choosing the right options as per the specific needs
    • 8.4 Managing a hybrid cloud model
    • 8.5 Complete migration from the on-premises model to the cloud
    • 8.6 Choosing an automation framework for resource provisioning

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