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RPA Online Training
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RPA (AA and UI path) Online Training

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technique that automates manual, repetitive operations with software robots. It is used to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes that demand a high level of precision. RPA is applicable in a wide range of areas, including banking, healthcare, and customer service. There are many vendors who are using the RPA technology and these companies sell software robots that may be trained to do activities including data input, document processing, and customer care. RPA may help businesses save time and money, enhance efficiency, and provide better customer service. One of the fastest increasing careers is robotic process automation (RPA) developer. Enrol in one of our specific Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training programmes to prepare for certification as an RPA developer.

Business is being transformed by automation. It is developing new types of employment and modifying old ones by incorporating automation into the skill set. Start here with our role-based automation RPA Training if you want to take on a new position or learn how to apply automation in your current one. The Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) certification will enhance your previous successes as an RPA developer by allowing you to build unique solutions to enterprise-level project difficulties. RAM Training provides the essential training at a low cost to assist you in preparing for and successfully completing RPA Course Training program with UiPath certification.

This certification programme by RAM Training teaches you all you need to know about technology and its applications. It discusses automation technologies, process automation, automation architecture, and best practices for automation. The courses also give students hands-on experience with the RPA tools and technology. Certification courses equip professionals with a thorough grasp of the technology and its applications, allowing them to become certified RPA professionals.

Professionals interested in learning about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), such as software developers, business analysts, and IT professionals. Only basic programming ideas and an understanding of RPA foundations, as well as familiarity with RPA tools and technologies, are required. According to a survey, the need for RPA workers would increase by 41% by 2023. An RPA professional's annual pay is roughly $90,000 on average. RPA automates routine activities, freeing up employees' time to focus on more complicated duties. RAM Training offers instructor-led online RPA training. Our accredited courses provide tailored training programmes to match your individual requirements. The trainer not only has subject matter competence, but also extensive teaching experience, having trained over 700 people worldwide. RAM Training is a leading RPA training facility.

RPA (AA and UI path) Course Curriculum

  • 1. RPA Overview
    • 1.1 RPA Tools and their Functions
    • 1.2 Categories of RPA Tools
    • 1.3 Criteria for Selecting the Right RPA Tool
    • 1.4 Design considerations for RPA solutions
    • 1.5 Capture and interpret the existing application
    • 1.6 Using variables and arguments for data manipulation
    • 1.7 Advantages of Robotic Process Automation
    • 1.8 Automating back-office repetitive processes
    • 1.9 Text and image Automation with RPA
    • 1.10 Workflow automation, debugging and exception handling
  • 2. RPA Blue Prism
    • 2.1 Blue Prism Overview
    • 2.2 Process Studio
    • 2.3 Process Flow
    • 2.4 Inputs and Outputs
    • 2.5 Business Objects
    • 2.6 Object Studio
    • 2.7 Overview of Error and Case Management
    • 2.8 Case Management
    • 2.9 Additional Features
    • 2.10 Consolidation Exercise
    • 2.11 Advanced Features
    • 2.12 Further Application Types
  • 3. RPA Automation Anywhere
    • 3.1 Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform
    • 3.2 Automation Anywhere functionality
    • 3.3 Automation Architecture
    • 3.4 Automation Anywhere key specifications and major components
    • 3.5 Developing and automating software bots with varied recorders, editors, commands, control room, and runtime client
    • 3.6 Automation, meta bots, and web recorders
  • 4. RPA UiPath
    • 4.1 Introduction to UiPath
    • 4.2 UiPath Architecture and Operating Model
    • 4.3 UiPath Studio
    • 4.4 Different Workflows, Control flow & Branching
    • 4.5 Data table Activities
    • 4.6 Modularity in UiPath
    • 4.7 Word Automation
    • 4.8 Recording Window and Web
    • 4.9 Advance UI Interaction
    • 4.10 Working with UiPath Explorer
    • 4.11 PDF Automation
    • 4.12 Email and Outlook Automation
    • 4.13 Working with User Events
    • 4.14 Application Integration
    • 4.15 Debugging and Exception Handling
    • 4.16 Integration with Version Control
    • 4.17 Security Guidelines
    • 4.18 Understanding PDD, SDD
  • 5. RPA Openspan
    • 5.1 Openspan Overview
    • 5.2 Windows Integration
    • 5.3 Interaction Framework
    • 5.4 Web Integration
    • 5.5 Agile Desktop and Deployment
    • 5.6 Diagnostics and Debugging

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