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Cyberark Online Training
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CyberArk Online Training

CyberArk is a technology that protects businesses against the hundreds of daily intrusions and cyberattacks. CyberArk maintains and secures your apps and rights. CyberArk can also help you boost productivity, assist compliance initiatives, and defend your firm from insider attacks, whether accidental or purposeful. CyberArk allows safe access to any resource, anywhere, and everywhere with a single Identity Security platform by applying intelligent privilege controls to all identities - human and machine.

Cyber security has grown in importance throughout the world as hacking and virus risks have increased. Global damages from hacking and cybercrime topped $1 trillion in 2020, inspiring the growth of the information security business, with revenue expected to exceed $170 billion in 2020. Before starting a project, learn the foundations of CyberArk solutions so you can hit the ground running. Once you've obtained some basic working expertise with the solutions, you can move on to further courses. Make the most of your solution with limitless self-paced training, instructor-led training credits, a catalogue of preset outcomes, and counselling from a Customer Success Manager if you are a working professional. If you work in the IT business as a developer, administrator, or end-user implementor.

The CyberArk tool is utilised in industries such as energy, healthcare, finance, and retail. It shortens the time necessary for password management and lowers the likelihood of password management errors. The CyberArk Certification Program (CCP) is the most comprehensive certification programme for safeguarding privileged accounts and sensitive data. You must pass an online exam provided by CyberArk to get certified. RAM Trainings' CyberArk hands on Training course is designed for industry specialists who want to be recognised for their technical expertise of Identity and Access management.

Our aspirants will receive hands-on experience constructing CyberArk infrastructure, specifying authentication types, and more through real-world scenarios. This CyberArk training delves deeply into password management, as well as software features such as backup and troubleshooting. Each level demonstrates expertise of CyberArk's revolutionary and industry-leading Privileged Access Security Solution. Designed specifically for professionals interested in advancing their careers in CyberArk programming. It is suggested that you have a basic understanding of programming and an interest in advancing your career and vital skills in CyberArk.

RAM Training provides CyberArk training in Hyderabad through different modes like LIve online classes and self paced videos. The main aim is to teach the knowledge and skills required to create, install, and configure the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution.

Cyberark online training

  • 1. Privileged Account Security (PAS) Overview
    • 1.1 The CyberArk Secure Digital Vault
    • 1.2 Vault and Client Installation
    • 1.3 The Central Policy Manager (CPM)
    • 1.4 Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)
    • 1.5 CPM and PVWA Installation
    • 1.6 User Management
    • 1.7 User Management (LDAP Integration)
  • 2.Integrations
    • 2.1 Safe Design and Access Control
    • 2.2 Password Management
    • 2.3 On-Boarding
    • 2.4 Privileged Session Manager (PSM)
  • 3. Application Identity Manager (AIM)
    • 3.1 On-Demand Privilege Manager (OPM)
    • 3.2 Troubleshooting and Working with Support
    • 3.3 Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA)
    • 3.4 Fault Tolerance

We provide Cyberark training with experts having years of experience in both Cyberark development and support and have successfully handled hundreds of implementation projects.

You can connect through any desktop sharing mediums such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom.Us, Skype, Google Meet, Webex,, Teamviewer, GoToMeeting, Netmeeting, etc.

Our Cyberark instructors from India are available throughout the day. You can fix your timings based on your convenience.

We offer online Cyberark job support in the following plans:

  • Monthly Support Plan
  • Weekly Support Plan
  • Daily Support Plan
  • Hourly Support Plan
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I am a working professional and planned to shift my domain and wanted to acquire more knowledge to solve work-related issues in Cyberark. I searched so many institutes and later found Ram Trainings. It is a great learning experience with expert instructors.

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Excellent online training institute for working professionals and students to gain in-depth knowledge of Cyberark concepts.

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The instructor was a master of all the Cyberark concepts. Great to associate with the team.