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Okta Online Training
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Okta Online Certification Course in Hyderabad

Okta is an online platform for managing identities. With an Identity-first security solution designed for today's dynamic workforce, it can empower your employees, safeguard your data, and accelerate your company. Okta enables businesses to connect every employer to any application on any device. It is stored on a safe server. It is safe to use, and it secures our sensitive data even when others use our phones, because sophisticated technology may steal our personal information in minutes. Okta works with the following apps: Google Workspace and Salesforce Sales Cloud. RAM Trainings offers you a genuine scope of Okta training certification course In Bangalore both over online/offline.

Businesses utilize Okta's web-based single sign-on (SSO) programme to provide a centralized interface for accessing third-party solutions. Okta enables employees to obtain secure access to popular cloud programmes like Gmail, Office 365, Salesforce, and a plethora of other programmes required for their tasks.

RAM Training’s Okta training Hyderabad prepares you to manage Okta services. This online Okta training certification course is designed for administrators or consultants who wish to obtain hands-on Okta expertise. Our Okta certified professional course will teach how Okta enables complex user lifecycle management scenarios such as security policy frameworks, map identity characteristics, directory integration, supported SSO choices, and more. The Okta online training aligns with the Okta Certification goal, allowing you to pass the test on the first try. The Okta training materials covers topics such as integrating Okta into our organization for simple user access to data and applications, hosting apps in Okta, configuring applications, and creating user accounts in Okta for administrative and data access. Okta provides identity and access management (IAM) solutions to corporations as well as individuals.

With a flexible schedule and 24/7 learner’s support, RAM training provides the Okta training certification at a very affordable cost with easy EMIs options. The job industry often has a high demand for Okta as an add-on skill for their employees. The skill set crash course is provided at the fundamental stage. Check out our Okta crash course review to know how much advantageous they are for our aspirants at interviews and at the workplace.

RAM Training has the most flexible learning modes. You can either choose the online mode or the self paced video. Even we have the corporate learning experience too to upskill all the employees of any companies all together. Share with us what you need and we will surely make a schedule as per your convenience. Take up the Okta training free demo session and then enroll for our classes.

Best Okta online training
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Okta Overview and its components (Application integration, MFA, Reporting, API Integration, Policies, Additional security notification, Okta mobile, Networks, profile master, profile editor, Directory integration, Provisioning, User and group management)
  • 3. Create and manage users and groups in Okta
  • 4. Difference between different administrator roles that can be granted for permission.
  • 5. Understanding AD agent, IWA agent installation and configuration (Password sync and radius agent)
  • 6. Configuring automatic IWA failover and multiple AD agent for HA
  • 7. Directory integration
  • 8. MFA and Authentication policies
  • 9. SSPR deployment
  • 10. Network and IWA routing rule
  • 11. Application integration(SAML) and assigning users to application
  • 12. Difference between OIN and custom app integration.
  • 13. Understanding different application protocol (SAML, OAuth, OpenID/OIDC, WS-fed)
  • 14. Integrating SAML application with Okta and understanding how to integrate other protocol application.
  • 15. Provisioning (ILM)
  • 16. Self-service app request flow
  • 17. Profile master and profile editor
  • 18. Okta mobile implementation
  • 19. API integration
  • 20. Enabling additional security notification and its value.
  • 21. Reporting (Analyse auth error, Application usage and various logs)
  • 22. System log (Custom script)
  • 23. Okta settings (Account, system notification, logo and appearance, customization, Email and SMS)
  • 24. Troubleshoot Okta (Issues handled during real time operations and most frequent issues)
  • 25. Q&A

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