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Mulesoft Online Training
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Mule Soft Online Training

MuleSoft is a Salesforce firm that offers a variety of tools for creating automations and connections for a variety of enterprise use cases. The Anypoint Platform is their automation and integration solution. With Anypoint Platform, you can increase production while decreasing costs. Deliver smarter customer experiences by combining automation and integration on a single platform. MuleSoft offers a variety of enterprise solutions that help firms use automation and connections. Organisations may use these solutions to link any system or application within and outside of Salesforce for meaningful interaction across the whole business. Enterprise teams may use this platform to automate projects with a few clicks or code to save time, expedite development, and streamline complicated business processes. It connects to and accesses real-time data from everywhere to unleash the potential of the Customer 360. To learn more about this platform you can take up the best Mulesoft training and certification course.

For anybody interested in integration projects, the Ram Training’s MuleSoft developer and courses Certification is an excellent place to begin studying MuleSoft. Learn how to create solutions using Salesforce automation technologies such as MuleSoft, Einstein Bots, and Salesforce Flow. To prepare, take the Salesforce Automation with MuleSoft class and practice test. You will be taught about real-time projects by the experienced Mulesoft developers in the Mulesoft training in Hyderabad.

RAM Training provides you with the most up-to-date information about the Mulesoft approach, including the benefits of the Anypoint platform, ESB, and so on, from real specialists. Learning MuleSoft Course will make you a master in this topic, which mostly comprises the fundamentals of Mule applications, developing, and testing of Mule apps, and so on. Our Mule soft Training online free demo module will help you obtain the basic idea about the MuleSoft Certification course. Upskill your team by tailoring training as per the needs of the project. The finest aspect about RAM Trainings is that we prepare your employees for work.

We have the LIVE online courses of Mulesoft platform. Or if you are an working professional, surely you can opt for the self paced video classes. For them 24/7 student portals are open toc lear any kinds of doubt about any topic. For companies, you can choose the Enterprise training method which can help to upskill your entire team.

Choose the basic entry level associate course or the advanced level course as per your knowledge. The online MuleSoft course will assist in gaining practical understanding of Mule applications and their uses through real-world examples. By the end, you will have mastered the handling and analysis of massive volumes of data. After completing the Mule Soft course, you may expect to be in a better position and earn a higher income within your current business.


  • 1.Introducing Anypoint Platform
    • Describe the benefits of Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft’s approach to be successful with it
    • What are MuleSoft and ESB, and competitors to MuleSoft
    • Before and after ESB(mule soft) and How the mule soft operates
    • Advantages with MuleSoft
    • MuleSoft benefits and its successful approach
    • Mule anypoint platform and its components
    • MuleSoft key capabilities
    • Describe the purpose of each file and folder in a Mule project
    • Any point Studio to create Mule flows graphically
    • Describe the role of each component in building application networks
    • Logging message processors' data
    • Read and write message properties
    • Build, run, and test a Mule application
    • Application local testing
    • Key Takeaways
    • Interview question
  • 2.Structuring Mule Applications
    • Use flows, sub-flows, private flows, a sync, and flow references
    • Specify application properties in a separate properties file and use them in the application
    • Encapsulate global elements in separate configuration files, mule domain project
    • Define and manage application metadata
  • 3.Basics
    • Create variables, payload, attributes
    • Define Mule properties and create properties files, along with types properties files and definition type
    • Read and write event properties
    • Log event data
    • Write expressions with the DataWeave expression language
    • Debug Mule applications
  • 4.Debugging and Troubleshooting Mule Applications
    • Use breakpoints to inspect a Mule event during runtime
    • Install missing Maven dependencies
    • Read and decipher Mule log error messages
  • 5.Writing DataWeave Transformations
    • Ways to write data weave scripts
    • Write DataWeave expressions for basic to extensive XML, JSON, fland file transformations
    • Write DataWeave transformations for complex data structures with repeated elements
    • Define and use global and local variables and functions
    • Read and write files using dataweave scripts
    • Use DataWeave functions
    • Coerce and format strings, numbers, and dates
    • Define and use custom data types
    • Call Mule flows from DataWeave expressions
    • Transform base type to destination types( database records to a flat file or EDI format and others)

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