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Jira Admin Online Training
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  • 45 Students
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JIRA Admin Online Training

A Jira administrator installs, configures, and administers your company's Jira instance. It is the administrator's responsibility to guarantee that each user has the appropriate user role and rights in Jira. Jira, an Atlassian product, is one of the most well-known agile software development platforms. As a result, a Jira administrator is in charge of setting Jira to ensure that it is always ready for the team and up to standards. They manage settings, create Jira projects, and present crucial third-party technologies, among other things. It's a significant and vital function on the team, and it's a highly sought-after position among many developers. RAM Trainings offers the Jira administration online training for all aspirants who want to proceed in their career with tej latest technological upgradation.

Jira administrators should be proficient with fundamental system administration duties such as software package management and file system rights management in order to install and update Jira. A Jira administrator's job description covers activities such as Jira setup, maintenance, problems, system upgrades, new projects, new releases, and general care. Jira administrators additionally ensure that the Jira interface and any modifications are made to meet the needs of a given team and that everyone who requires access to a project has the appropriate rights. If an upgrade is performed or a new project is created, it is the Jira admin's job to ensure that the team (Jira users) has the necessary access and resources. Take up the Jira admin course in Hyderabad to get these types of job roles.

For many jobs as a Jira administrator, a bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar discipline is essential. Years of expertise working with and understanding agile approaches, as well as years of experience working in computer science, such as programming, product development, software engineering, and so on, are required for a Jira administrator. Whether you're new to Jira or a seasoned veteran, there's always space to learn and improve when it comes to agile. Use our Jira Admin training certification course to enhance your admin abilities and fine-tune your operations.

Learn how to construct apps with JIRA, log and profile them, manage users and groups, precompile JSP pages, use project roles, JIRA search indexing, Security model Administrators kinds, and so on. You will also get experience with industry-based Real-time projects in a variety of sectors. RAM Trainings is committed to assisting teams in being more efficient and productive in Jira. We provide tools that integrate directly with Jira software to improve your abilities as a Jira administrator.

JIRA Admin

  • 1.Jira For Business Projects
    • 1.1 Issues, versions, components, creating projects
  • 2.Jira for Agile Projects
    • 2.1 Scrum and kanban
    • 2.2 Running sprints, backlog and work estimation
    • 2.3 Agile boards and their configuration
    • 2.4 Creating boards
    • 2.5 Difference between boards
    • 2.6 Configuring the boards(Columns, swimlanes, quick filters, card colors,
    • 2.7 card layout, issue detail view and general setting)
  • 3.Creating, sharing and configuring dashboards
    • 3.1 Creating, sharing and configuring dashboards
    • 3.2 Adding gadgets to dashboards and configuring them.
    • 3.3 Creating, sharing and configuring filters
    • 3.4 Subscriptions
    • 3.5 Searching in jira(issue navigator, basic search and advanced search)
    • 3.6 JQL( theory and sample JQLs)
    • 3.7 Agile reports
    • 3.8 Issue analysis reports
    • 3.9 Forecast and management reports
  • 4.ira issue anatomy and fields
    • 4.1 Jira issue anatomy and fields
    • 4.2 Issue management(commenting, linking, sharing, voting, watching,
    • 4.3 moving, cloning,time tracking/logging work)
    • 4.4 Creating, editing and deleting an issue.
    • 4.5 Creating new issue types(other than the default issue types), issue type
    • 4.6 schemes, subtasks and issue priorities.
  • 5. Built-in fields, custom fields and types
    • 5.1 Built-in fields, custom fields and types
    • 5.2 Managing custom fields-adding, editing/deleting a custom field
    • 5.3 Adding and managing field configurations.
    • 5.4 Field configuration scheme-managing, adding and configuring and
    • 5.5 associating with a project
  • 6. Working with screens-adding, copying, and editing/deleting screens
    • 6.1 Working with screens-adding, copying, and editing/deleting screens
    • 6.2 Configuring screens
    • 6.3 Using screen tabs-adding and editing/deleting a tab
    • 6.4 Working with a screen scheme-adding, editing/deleting and copying
    • 6.5 Screen scheme
    • 6.6 Configuring a screen scheme
    • 6.7 Issue type screen scheme-adding, editing/deleting and copying
    • 6.8 Configuring and associating an issue type screen scheme.
  • 7.Workflows-issue statues, transitions
    • 7.1 Workflows-issue statues, transitions
    • 7.2 Using the workflow designer, authoring a workflow.
    • 7.3 Updating an existing workflow, workflow scheme-creating and
    • 7.4 configuring
    • 7.5 Workflow scheme-creating and configuring.
    • 7.6 Associating an issue type, editing /deleting
    • 7.7 Applying workflow scheme to projects
    • 7.8 Conditions, validators, post functions.
  • 8.Users-adding, deleting, editing users
    • 8.1 Users-adding, deleting, editing users
    • 8.2 Groups- adding, deleting, editing groups
    • 8.3 Project roles- adding and managing project roles
    • 8.4 Permission hierarchy- global permissions, project permissions, permission
    • 8.5 schemes
    • 8.6 Issue security
    • 8.7 Troubleshooting permissions
  • 9.Mail queues
    • 9.1 Mail queues
    • 9.2 Events
    • 9.3 Notifications-adding, deleting and managing
    • 9.4 Troubleshooting notifications
    • 9.5 Reindexing
  • General administration (links, attachments, etc)
  • 10.Project settings
    • 10.1 Project settings
    • General details of project
    • 10.3 Adding users and roles

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