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Snowflake Online Training
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  • 45 Students
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Snowflake Online Training

Snowflake speeds up product development by making it easier for developers to create, test, and deploy data-intensive apps. It enables quicker and easier-to-use data storage, processing, and analytic solutions. Customers may utilise and pay for storage and calculation separately thanks to the Snowflake design, which allows storage and computation to expand independently. It involves users in data optimisation and infrastructure management. RAM Trainings' best Snowflake online certification course includes a variety of application certification courses.

Snowflake, which harnesses the power of the cloud, offers unique characteristics such as infinite and rapid scaling, making it potentially the ultimate data warehouse solution. Snowflake's unique design and value proposition rely heavily on cloud elasticity, making it difficult to compete in the market. There are almost too many solid reasons why Snowflake should not be your first choice tool for data warehousing. Using it as a data warehouse solution, on the other hand, is absolutely hitting the sweet spot. This is the purpose of it. If you are already in the developer career and need an upgradation of your career, RAM training can provide you with the best guidance on snowflake training in hyderabad.

We provide our students with multiple options of classes. Our course is widely available over LIVE online classes as well as self paced video recording. Mostly, working professionals can take up the recording video classes for easy interrogation of the subject. But we also open up scopes for customised batches where you can choose your own batch. A student portal is available which helps the students to clear out their doubts on the subject. Our experts are available 24/7 , so when you study, get them by your side to clear the confusion. When you are taking up the best snowflakes online certification course from us, surely we would provide the job assistance too. Our instructors are real time industry based experts who share their practical experience on handling the Snowflakes based projects in the industry. This approach helps our aspirants to get industry ready and click the job interview at once.


  • 1. Snowflake Environment Setup
    • 1.1 Creating snowflake trail account
    • 1.2 Snowflake web console introduction
    • 1.3 Login to snowflake from snowflake cli
    • 1.4 Creating database and table and intro to sample data.
  • 2. Snowflake architecture
    • 2.1 Snowflake architecture introduction.
    • 2.2 Shared disk architecture.
    • 2.3 Shared nothing architecture
    • 2.4 Caching in snowflake
  • 3. Clustering in snowflake
    • 3.1 Query processing in snowflake.
    • 3.2 Micro partitions in snowflake.
    • 3.3 Applying clustering
    • 3.4 Checking clustering information and how it works
    • 3.5 Manual re-clustering and choose clustering keys
  • 4. Virtual warehouse creation.
    • 4.1 Introduction to virtual warehouse.
    • 4.2 Virtual warehouse creation and scaling policy
    • 4.3 Performance tuning in snowflake.
    • 4.4 How query optimization works.
    • 4.5 Concurrency control.
    • 4.6 No constraints.
  • 5. Loading data in snowflake.
    • 5.1 Introduction to stages and configuring connection
    • 5.2 Types of Internal Stage
    • 5.3 Introduction to stage object , file format and copy command
    • 5.4 Upload data using web console.
    • 5.5 Create aws account.
    • 5.6 Create aws s3 bucke,t s3 policy, aws role.
    • 5.7 Create snowflake integration
    • 5.8 Upload data to aws s3 using aws web console and cli.
    • 5.9 Query aws from snowflake.
    • 5.10 Load data from s3 to snowflake.
    • 5.11 Unload data to s3
    • 5.12 Other options to copy.
    • 5.13 Create azure account
    • 5.14 Connecting snowflake to azure blob storage
    • 5.15 Unload Query and Load parquet data from azure
  • 6. Copy options
    • 6.1 Validate before loading data to table.
    • 6.2 File level options
    • 6.3 Collecting rejected records from copy command.
    • 6.4 Enforce and Truncate column option.
    • 6.5 Force and purge option.
    • 6.6 Load history and copy history views
  • 7. Working with copy command.
    • 7.1 Preparing and Load Sample Data
    • 7.2 Copy command performance.
    • 7.3 Snow pipe introduction and Demo
  • 8. Data sharing in snowflake
    • 8.1 Data Sharing
    • 8.2 Creating views (Secure and Normal View)
    • 8.3 Creating snowflake reader account.
    • 8.4 Configure reader account.
    • 8.5 Restriction on reader account.
    • 8.6 Data share significance.
  • 9. Time Travel in snowflake
    • 9.1 Time travel demo.
    • 9.2 Time travel in snowflake and how it works.
    • 9.3 Table retention period.
  • 10. Fail safe in snowflake
    • 10.1 Fail safe in snowflake.
    • 10.2 Access fail safe from web console.
    • 10.3 Relation between fail safe and retention period.
    • 10.4 Table types in snowflake.
    • 10.5 Permanent table and failsafe.
    • 10.6 Transient table.
    • 10.7 Temporary table.
    • 10.8 Creating transient database in snowflake.
  • 11. Clone feature in snowflake
    • 11.1 Clone feature and Table Swap
  • 12. Data sampling in snowflake.
    • 12.1 Row vs Block sampling.
    • 12.2 Sampling Demo
    • 12.3 Clone vs Sampling
  • 13. Scheduling in snowflake
    • 13.1 Tasks and Task Dependencies
  • 14. Streaming in snowflake
    • 14.1 Introduction to streams.
    • 14.2 Streaming Hands-on
    • 14.3 Types of Stream and Change Clause
    • 14.4 SCD in Snowflake
  • 15. Materialized views
    • 15.1 Introduction to Materialized view
    • 15.2 MV maintenance
  • 16. Snowflake best practices

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